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As we are a new company we understand that there will be some burning questions going around your head.
We will attempt to answer some of them below. If there is anything else please do not hesitate to contact us via the live chat, phone or email.

Move In Online Estate Agents Ltd is an agency that has been set up by people that have either been working in the property market for some years or have gone through the process. Our aim is to offer the public traditional estate agent service at modern day pricing. Bringing the estate agent industry into the 21st century and giving vendors more control and options as to how they sell their home. Without compromising on market exposure or quality of service.

Online agents have got some bad press in recent times, some of it rightfully so but we are different in that we are not looking for world domination. (Not just yet) We are locally based, with offices in Cardiff and we are here to meet face to face with each and every client. You will receive the same service you would from a high street agent, you just miss out on having to pay towards their rent and utility bills.

It works in the same way that it would have always done.
You get in touch with us.
We will come and meet you at your property and offer a free no obligation valuation and chat you through our packages.
If you are happy to instruct us, depending on the package you choose we will work to get your property on the market within 24-48 hours.
Your property will be advertised on the online platforms for the millions of daily users to see.
Once interest comes in we will work with you to arrange the viewings
We handle all negotiations and see the sale right through to completion. Regardless of which package you choose.

You have found yourself to our site, then this is definitely for you.
There is no complicated and confusing online customer portal that you need a degree in computer science to cope with. We handle customer questions and offers ourselves. Unlike other online agents, you do not need to respond and liaise with potential buyers yourself.
All you need is the ability to use the phone. If you can use email then that is also great as we can send information that way as well.

That one is easy, until it sells. Unlike some other national agents, we do not hide extra costs, such as a minimum advertising period unless you pay more.
Hopefully your property will sell very quickly, but if for whatever reason it takes a little longer than hoped you can be assured we will keep it online and we will not charge anything extra.

Yes, we have read that too. This is why we want to create the same online savings but with a local feel. We operate in and around Cardiff so we are on hand at any time you want us. We also work later than your high street agents so can meet you later into the evening, or offer later viewings if it suits you.
Your queries and properties won’t be handled by a call centre or head office in London or Manchester. They will be dealt with by your account manager in Cardiff, who will always be happy to meet with you.

We have very few overheads compared to the high street agent, unlike the high street agent we do not have a fancy shop with bright lights to maintain and pay rent for.
Rest assured, you will receive the same great service.

You may well be thinking, “this is too good to be true”. It is good, and it is true.
The price you see is what you pay. There will be extra charges for conveyancing and searches but they are handled through your solicitor.
If you decide to go on our lower packages of £199 and £349 then there are OPTIONAL extras you can add to try and boost your sale but they are exactly that, optional.

Absolutely, we will come and speak to you and talk through the entire process so you know what lies ahead.
We have partners in various areas of the process, so we can suggest solicitors, EPC providers, mortgage advice and much more. All of which will come with some savings over going to the high street and finding your own.

Just drop us a message and we will give you call within 24 hours. We work to you and not to the clock and are available to come to your property in the evenings if it suits.
We have all been there, the agent says they can come tomorrow (hurrah!) at 12pm (boo). How can you juggle that with work and childcare? We are able to come and see you anytime in the evening or weekend that suits you. Or the daytime if that works. Making us more accessible and flexible around your lifestyle.