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Move In Online Agents Ltd are a locally based estate agent that seeks to revolutionise the way in which properties are bought and sold in South Wales and the South West. Through our contacts in the industry and related industries, our aim is to offer you an exceptional service and a seamless transaction whether you are buying or selling your home


Why should you trust an online agent?

We are no different to any other estate agent that you may see on the high street. Only, we do not have the overheads that come with running a shop and large teams of people that the high street agents have. We do however, offer exactly the same services. Just at a fraction of the price.


If you are online, how can you get the best deal for me?

We may be an ‘online estate agent’ but we are local. We meet every client that wishes to sell their home and get to know them and their needs. Your property is advertised on online platforms for millions of people to see. Every potential buyer is vetted to ensure suitability and we work with you through negotiation until the keys are handed over.


So how does it work?

One of our valuers will visit & advise you with the current market valuation of your property. Our valuations are carried out by a friendly local people face to face and not by some fancy website predictor.

Rumour is that online agents can’t offer me the same as what traditional estate agents can?

As this may be the case for some we can assure you that we are here to help you and not sit behind a computer. We are willing and able to take calls and meet with you whenever necessary. We can offer everything the traditional estate agent can, but we won’t be working for commission. We charge a flat fee, regardless of what the price of your house is.


What about advertising?

The days of people going into high street agencies and being sold a list of properties to look at are long gone. As an online agent we will be putting your property out to the millions of people that search the Internet every day. Not only on the market leading property portals but we will be actively promoting your property on each of the social media sites and a full listing on our site.


If you are online, does that mean I have to do my viewings?

Only if you want to. If you are simply looking to get your property out to the millions of people searching online, but do not want to pay for someone to show off your home then you can take out the bronze or silver packages. We list your property, you take care of viewings (which are organised by us) and then we take over the process of taking offers and working right through to completion. If you want us to, we can take care of viewings. Gold and platinum packages gives you the full estate agency service for a fraction of the cost you would pay a high street agent.

Our Vision, Your gain

At Move In Online Agent, our aim is clear. To save you money whilst revolutionising the way the people of South Wales and the South West buy and sell their homes. It should no longer be about lining the pockets of high street agents. We keep our prices low to help make your move as affordable as possible.